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Waheeda Rehman's face flushes as she recalls her admiration for the late Dev Anand.

Waheeda Rehman reminisced about her time with late Bollywood legend Dev Anand during a recent interview with Twinkle Khanna.

Twinkle grilled the renowned actress on her early days in the Hindi film industry, including how Dev Anand grew fond of her and even stood up to director Raj Khosla to support her.

“The actress said that she was a major Dev Anand fan and that her first film with him was a success. Rehman imitated the tradition, saying that when they first met, he asked her, "Waheeda, kaisi ho?" Let's do it. .”

She went on to say that he had told her to address him as Dev. She also flushed brightly in response to her "decent flirt" remark, explaining that Chetan Anand, the Hindi director, and Tad Danielewski, the English filmmaker, both rejected her as the leading lady for the film "Guide."

Her English, they observed, was "not that good." However, despite Dev's protests that his 'Rosie is merely Waheeda,' she was cast in the part.

'Guide,' which was released in 1965, is a good example. An American version of the film was also made. It was also chosen to represent India at the Academy Awards. The film became a cult classic after its box office success. It is still regarded as one of the greatest Bollywood films ever made.

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