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Asim Riaz Returns To The Bigg Boss Stage To Introduce His Brother Umar Riaz In Bigg Boss 15 Premiere

The premiere of Bigg Boss 15 is rapidly approaching, and viewers are losing their cool. All of the candidates will be welcomed by Salman Khan, and there will be performances, tasks, and a lot of fun.

Salman Khan is seen having a fun conversation with Bigg Boss 13 first runner-up Asim Riaz in the new commercial, and the actor is back with the ‘wow-wow.' Asim introduced his younger brother, Umar Riaz, a doctor who aspires to be an actor.

“Salman questioned Asim in the video what Umar's flaw is that will prevent him from progressing further in the game. 'Violence,' Asim replied..”

Asim introduced his younger brother, Umar Riaz, who works as a doctor but desires to be an actor.

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