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Fast X Cast Salaries Revealed! Vin Diesel Earns $20 Million, Jason Statham’s Fee is 3 Times More ...

Are you curious about how much the Fast X cast earned for their roles?

F&F 10 Salary Revealed

Fast X is the 10th and final Fast & Furious movie, and it's a huge blockbuster with a budget of over $300 million.

A lot of that money went to the amazing actors who brought the characters to life. But how much did each one get paid for their part? Here's the list:

Vin Diesel: $20 million. He plays Dom Toretto, the fearless leader of the team who always puts his family first.

Jason Momoa: $5 million. He plays Dante Reyes, the ruthless villain who has a personal grudge against Dom and his crew.

Brie Larson: $1 million. She plays Mia Toretto, Dom's sister and Jakob's twin who joins the fight to save her family.

John Cena: $2 million. He plays Jakob Toretto, Dom's brother and Dante's ally who betrayed his family for power.

Jason Statham: $15 million. He plays Deckard Shaw, the former enemy turned ally who helps Dom and his team stop Dante.

Michelle Rodriguez: $2.5 million. She plays Letty Ortiz, Dom's wife and partner in crime who always has his back.

Tyrese Gibson: $1 million. He plays Roman Pearce, Dom's old friend and comic relief who makes us laugh with his jokes.

Ludacris: $600,000. He plays Tej Parker, the tech genius and hacker who can crack any system.

That's it! The salaries of the Fast X cast are revealed! What do you think? Are you impressed or shocked by these numbers? Tell us in the comments!

And don't miss Fast X in theatres now! It's a thrilling ride that will make you feel all kinds of emotions!

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