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'I had promised I'll never do such stupid thing in my life but I had no option': actress Soujanya

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

'I had promised myself that I would never do something so dumb in my life, but I had no choice': Kannada actress Soujanya's heartbreaking suicide note

Soujanya, a Kannada actress, committed herself at her house in Kumbalgodu, Bengaluru, recently. A four-page suicide letter written Savi Madappa, her true name, was discovered, detailing her motives for taking such drastic measures.

“She talked about her mental health struggles and how difficult it was for her to deal in the note, repeatedly apologizing to her parents and friends.”

'I am so sorry for doing this,' the actress wrote in her heartbreaking statement

The actress' heartbreaking note read: 'I am really sorry for doing this. Pappa I love you so much. As I spoke to you I am not able to take it anymore. It is becoming difficult 'appa'. Sorry mommy, as I said I will come today, I did not know I would come this way. So sorry Ma. I am so sorry about this. Please Pappa you have to take care of your mother.' It further said, 'I am only responsible for family, please forgive me...I had promised I'll never do such stupid thing in my life but I had no option. I was totally killed inside. Day by day, I was going so low. I never seen me before like before.'

Soujanya was discovered deceased in her apartment on September 30th. According to sources, she committed herself by hanging herself. She was only 25 years old at the time. A complaint has been filed, and an investigation is underway. The actress, who had appeared in a number of TV shows and films including 'Chaukattu Fun' and 'Nanobbne Olleyavnu,' apparently composed the suicide note a few days before she took the fatal decision, implying that she had been intending to terminate her life for some time.

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