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Pawan Kalyan meets Tollywood producers

Tollywood vs. the Andhra Pradesh government is currently a hot topic in the film and political worlds.

After Pawan Kalyan's contentious speech at the pre-release ceremony for the film Republic, the Andhra Pradesh government took it seriously. Perni Nani, an AP minister, recently met with Tollywood producers to discuss the industry's concerns. The same producers met Pawan Kalyan today.

“At Pawan Kalyan's apartment, Dil Raju, Vamshi Reddy (UV Creations), Naveen Yerneni (Mythri Movie Makers), Danayya (DVV Entertainments), Bunny Vas (Geetha Arts), and Sunil Narang greeted the actor. According to the press release, the producers met with the actor to discuss film business challenges in a cordial and amicable environment.”

Minister Perni Nani stated in the presence of the same producers that the producers told him that the comments made by Pawan Kalyan at the pre-release event had nothing to do with them.

In this context, the producers' most recent meeting with Pawan Kalyan is quite significant.

The Telugu Film Producers Council has previously issued a press statement stating that individual opinions do not represent the whole film industry. It implies that the producers are dissatisfied with Pawan's remarks.

According to sources in the media, the producers attempted to reach an agreement with Pawan Kalyan in order to convey a message to the viewers that everything between the film industry and Pawan Kalyan is well.

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